White, Wheat, rye, Wrap, Deli Roll

All sandwiches include a bag of chips & pickle


Turkey  ~ Ham  ~ Tuna 

(Let,Tom,Onion,Pickle, Mayo Msd, American or Swiss cheese) 



Chicken Caeser Wrap

(Let, Chicken, Shredded Parm Cheese, Caeser Dressing, croutons)  




Hamburger 1/3#

add Cheese, Let,tom,onion,pickle, mayo,msd,ketchup



Cold veggie with cheese

Let,Tom,onion,pickle,Grn pepper,Mushroom,blk olive,Cheese,Mayo, Msd, oil/vin)


The Rooster Wrap

(Chicken, cheese, bacon, sriracha, lettuce,tomato, ranch dressing)



Bottle Water $1.50

Can Soda - Fresca, Tab, Diet Pepsi $1.50

flavored Sparkling/seltzer Bottle water $1.99

PureLeaf Tea $2.25

24oz Ice Coffee (Add Cream and Sugar or Splenda) $2.50


Big Chocolate chip Cookie $2.50

Lays Chips $1.50

Salsa flavored Sun Chips $1.50

Open Mon - Fri 7am - 2pm 

29 Technology Way Nashua NH, 03060

(rear entrance across from Gazebo, go up elevator to 3rd floor)

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